Marine Geophysical Surveys

Understanding the geophysical make-up of the seabed is of vital importance for marine infrastructure projects. ESG can call on its extensive heritage to conduct marine geophysical surveys to the highest technical standard.

The latest techniques, such as multi-channel seismic reflection, seismic refraction, side scan sonar and underwater imaging are used by ESG’s geophysical surveying team to support marine engineering projects across the UK. Specialist offerings also include sub-bottom profiling and magnetometer and unexploded ordnance surveys.


With complementary hydrographic, topographic and onshore geophysical offerings, only ESG can provide a fully integrated ground and marine survey solution, extending from offshore, through the intertidal zone and onto land. ESG’s extensive network of accredited offices and laboratories, depth of professional expertise and comprehensive plant resource ensure a robust, flexible approach to providing clients with reliable data and reports.


In addition, ESG provides the following marine geophysical survey techniques and services:

  • Pipeline and cable route surveys
  • Marine site surveys
  • Geological profiling surveys
  • Offshore windfarm surveys
  • Wreck surveys
  • Asset inspection
  • UXO/UXB surveys
  • Outfall surveys


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