Oils, Fuels and Grease Analysis

ESG provides a complete oil condition monitoring service using industry standard accredited analytical procedures combined with an internet-based leading trend analysis software package.

Our accredited laboratories provide a complete analytical package to all industries covering engine, gearbox and hydraulic oils, greases, transformer oils and fuels. With access to a wide range of laboratory instrumentation, we can also provide investigative, fault diagnosis and project development support to industry.

Our analytical laboratories are staffed by highly experienced specialists.


  • Chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of fuel / engine oil / gearbox oil
  • Grease analysis – chemical and physical tests
  • Full electrical oils analysis including dissolved gas analysis, PCB and FFA
  • Provision of sample collection kits
  • Analysis of wear, additive and contaminant elements with expert interpretation of results
  • Interpretation of results against international standards
  • Web-based management systems using "Trakka™” software with 24/7 access and email alerts


ESG’s is an experienced and fully accredited provider of oil analysis. With accredited testing facilities for transformer oils, lubricating oils and greases, our specialist team ensure the safe and cost effective performance of the equipment in question. This in turn, prevents untimely failures, minimises long-term maintenance costs, enhances component life, reduces oil costs and maximises safety of equipment.

Specialists with over 40 years’ experience are able to give full advice and technical support whilst delivering a high quality service, all at a competitive price, to reduce down-time and maximise the efficiency of your equipment.


Accurate and reliable data can be accessed 24/7 using unique software for monitoring results so you can effectively manage actions, generate instructions, and make document changes etc. in one location.

Interpretation of analytical results is the critical stage in the oil condition monitoring process. Our experience allows us to provide expert interpretation of results in order to detect trends and provide critical advice to customers before problems arise.


Trakka™ software enables us to provide fleet and equipment profiling, limit and wear rates, and the incorporation of other data, for example vibrational report and interface capabilities including work orders. This means users can receive and have quick and easy access to results reducing down-time due to possible breakdowns.