Topographic Surveys

A comprehensive understanding of the contours and topographic features of a site is vital for the success of any engineering or construction project. ESG has the skills and knowledge to undertake topographic surveys to the highest levels of precision to give engineers the most detailed information possible about the site they are working on.

ESG’s expert team supports engineering projects across the UK, providing a range of services, including building elevation surveys and volume calculations. The team also supports clients with GPS and survey control networks to ensure the setting out of construction sites is as accurate as possible. 


In combination with comprehensive offerings in hydrographic, marine geophysical, land geophysical and underground utility detection surveys, ESG can provide clients with an integrated ground and marine investigation solution. The organisation’s broad network of accredited laboratories and offices means it can offer an unrivalled depth of expert knowledge and support to provide clients with the information required to ensure the success of their projects.  


ESG provides the following surveying services:

  • Laser scanning
  • Measured building surveys
  • Road surveys
  • Levelling
  • Setting out
  • CCTV surveys
  • Settlement monitoring
  • Ground investigation location surveys
  • Stock pile surveys
  • Volume calculations

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