Bituminous Testing

Covering a wide range of road and pavement base materials, our bituminous testing services are widely used for checking the quality of products and their placement as well as investigating specific problem areas.

These encompass high quality in situ sampling and in-house laboratory testing to ascertain the following parameters:

  • Compositional analyses
  • Density of cores, maximum density, refusal density and air voids
  • ITSM (Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus), VRLAT (Vacuum Repeated Load Axial Test) data and wheeltracking
  • Viscosity and water content of bitumen emulsion
  • Vialit cohesion
  • Road core drilling and logging data (UKAS accredited)
  • Recovery of binder from mixed material information
  • The penetration and softening point
  • Effective tar identification and testing results