Chemical Analysis

As part of the specialist chemistry laboratory, chemical analysis is used to identify unknowns, quantify contamination levels and much more.

The ESG chemical analysis laboratory provides high quality analytical solutions conducted in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Our specialist chemistry team supports a diverse range of industries with tests including ICP analysis, BTEX testing, air quality analysis, metal testing, impinger analysis and dioxin and furans analysis.


Our Full List of Services Includes:

  • Air analysis and air quality testing using ATD tubes and other diffusion tubes for BTEX, VOCs, landfill gases, PAHs, aldehydes and ketones
  • Dioxins and Furans analysis
  • Incinerator and Stack Gas filters and impinger solutions analysis
  • Characterisation of unknowns
  • Forensic TPH
  • Coal tar analysis
  • Accelerants in fire investigation analysis
  • Investigative analysis services to the Rail Industry
  • Trace metals in effluents, oils, paints and coolants
  • Low level Hg and speciated Hg
  • Anions and cations in rainwater, impingers and coolants
  • Volatile fatty acids
  • Determination of levels of contaminants in food and drink
  • Determinations of trace contaminants in pharmaceutical and healthcare sample types
  • QC analysis of medical devices
  • Trace metal analysis within PEEK & other packaging materials
  • Insulation foam analysis


The chemical analysis team works with a vast array of clients within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, food and drinks industries, air and emission monitoring contractors as well as consultants within the contaminated land and waste monitoring industries, providing specialist support to meet demanding regulatory requirements.


The expertise of our scientists is repeatedly sought in the analysis of sample matrices as wide ranging as blood plasma, dialysis water and air testing kits to ancient metallic relics, incinerator ash and unprocessed food materials.


For further information about ESG and our specialist chemistry services, please contact us.